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Dreams...........I find I'm often very emotional in dreams, either sobbing from sorrow or joy, laughing out of sheer delight (though that is rare) or deeply and desperately in love with someone. There is often a sense of doom in my dreams, the knowledge that something horrible is going to happen. As a child, I had nightmares almost every night about either a lion or an elephant. I could always hear their footsteps coming for me from miles away, and I knew that no matter where I hid, they would find me by looking through windows, or crashing through walls. It was horrible. Sometimes when I was younger, I would scare myself so badly that a little subtitle would flash at the bottom of the "screen" saying "Wake Up! Wake Up!" when I couldn't take it anymore...

OpenAI Builds AI to Critique AI

One of the biggest problems with the large language models that power chatbots like ChatGPT is that you never know when you can trust them. They can generate clear and cogent prose in response to any  more...
Posted: 6/29/2024 5:47:53 AM

Microsoft pulls Windows 11 KB5039302 update causing reboot loops

Microsoft pulled the June Windows 11 KB5039302 update after finding that it causes some devices to restart repeatedly.

The KB5039302 update is the June preview update released this week, allowing consumers and the enterprise to test new bug fixes and changes before they go live for everyone as part of July's Patch Tuesday.

In a new post to the Windows Message Center, Microsoft says that after installing the KB5039302 update, some systems may reboot repeatedly.

"A more...
Posted: 6/29/2024 5:52:36 AM