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One of Windows 11 AI features is now available to all users, no special hardware required

You will soon be able to use one of the Surface-exclusive AI features on any supported Windows 11 computer. Microsoft revealed that Voice Clarity is coming to all Windows 11 PCs with x64 processors, not only ARM64 chips.

Voice Clarity is a feature that runs in the background and improves your voice in real-time during calls. It uses "low complexity AI models" to suppress background noise, cancel echo, and reduce reverberation. As of right now, it is only available on Surface computers with ARM processors, such as the Surface Pro 9 5G and Surface Pro X. However, with Windows 11 Canary Channel build 26040, all users with "traditional" Intel and ARM processors can try it out.

Voice Clarity works on the system level with all apps that use Communications Signal Processing Mode, including voice chats in many popular games. That means you can benefit from Voice Access capabilities without waiting for developers to support it in their projects. However, app-makers can also implement a toggle to switch between AI models for voice communications.

The Voice Clarity feature is a part of Windows Studio Effects, a collection of enhancements that rely on machine algorithms and require a dedicated NPU (Neural Processing Unit). They include video background effects, eye contact, auto framing, and voice improvements. With Windows 11 build 26040, users without NPUs in their PCs can try some of those enhancements.

Microsoft, Qualcomm, AMD, and Intel are making a big push into AI-powered experiences in modern PCs. Later this year, customers will get a chance to select from a wave of new computers with chips featuring dedicated AI processors. Microsoft is also expected to release a new Windows version with "groundbreaking" AI capabilities. Some of them will be available on existing computers, while others will only work on new devices with the latest chips. Rumors also say that 16GB of RAM is now the baseline for AI PCs.

Posted on: 1/27/2024 5:03:50 AM


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